Spring & Fall Group Visits (Adopt A Friend Program)

The Adopt a Friend program is the most economical way for school groups to visit the Zoo in April, May, June, September 5th onward, October, and November. It includes your admission into the Zoo AND your school group can also theoretically adopt an animal for one year at no extra cost.

All revenue gained from this program is used to build new and better animal enclosures.


Children ages 4 – 11 years

  • Groups of 20 or fewer students = $100 flat fee
  • Groups of 21 or more students = $5 each

Children ages 12-17 years

  • Groups of 20 or fewer students = $120 flat fee
  • Groups of 21 or more students = $6 each

Adult Chaperones

  • 1 adult chaperone is admitted free for every 8 students
  • Educational assistants and aids pushing the wheelchair for a student receive free admission.

Extra adults

  • $9 each

Extra options

Live animal presentations

  • A 20-30 minute animal themed presentation in which the students can touch at least one of the live animals presented.
  • Up to 25 students per presentation.
  • $30 per presentation.
  • A link to access the calendar of availability is below.

Guided tours

  • A 1 to 1.5 hour guided tour of the zoo in which the tour guide provides additional information about each of the animal species beyond the information that is already provided on the animal information signs. 
  • Up to 25 students per tour.
  • $30 per tour.
  • Two tours can be conducted simultaneously.
  • A link to access the calendar of availability is below.

Scavenger hunts

  • One page activity sheet for students to complete during their visit.
  • Includes questions about the animals that the students answer based on the information found on the animal signs.
  • Group leaders are responsible for printing their own copies of the activity sheets and bring these copies along with pens/pencils with them. (Ie. The Zoo will not provide paper copies or spare pens/pencils upon arrival.)
  • The activities sheets are available in three levels of difficulty, in French and English, and with the answer key.
  • Click here to download your activities sheets.

Animal Adoptions

  • Theoretically adopting an animal is optional and at no extra charge.
  • Should you choose to adopt an animal:
    • An entire school or group may adopt 1 animal OR each class within a school may each adopt 1 animal. Individual students may not each adopt an animal.
    • On the online application form, you must indicate:
      • Which animal you’d like to adopt.
      • How you’d like your group name to appear on the certificate.
      • Whether you’d prefer your certificate to be written in English or French.
      • Whether you’d prefer to receive your certificate and animal information sheet electronically or as paper copies on the day of your visit.
Payment Proceedure
  • Due to an increase in attendance from tourists and from other groups using the Adopt a Friend Program and in effort to reduce wait times to process payments upon arrival, all groups are now required to pay in advance via credit card over the telephone.
  • A member of the education team will call you during the week prior to your visit to accept your credit card number over the phone. Your payment will be processed and an invoice will be emailed to you.
  • If you are unable to pay in advance with a credit card, please email the education team: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


  • Step 1 – Read the information above.

  • Step 2 – Decide which animal(s) you'd like to adopt. Click here to view the list of animals.

  • Step 3 – Decide if you’d like a live animal presentation and/or guided tour of the zooClick here to view the calendar of availibility.

  • Step 4 - Fill out the online application form and click submit. Click here to fill out the online application form.

  • Step 5 – Wait for an email confirmation from the education team. You can expect a confirmation within 1-2 business days.

  • Step 6 – Receive a telephone call from the education team during the week prior to your visit to accept your credit card payment over the phone. A receipt will then be emailed to you.

 Other Registration Details

  • Registrations are only accepted via the online application form.
  • In order to receive an adoption certificate and animal information sheet, your online application form must be submitted at least by 9 am on the Friday prior to your visit. Should your application be received after this time limit, your group may still visit the zoo and receive the Adopt a Friend admission rate, but we cannot guarantee that your certificate will be available.
  • The Adopt a Friend program is not available in January, February, March, July, August, September 1-4, and December.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.

Questions, comments, or to make changes to your application after you have submitted it