Rent the Education Centre

The Education Centre is available for rent. The facility includes a kitchen, washrooms, first aid station, one large classroom, and two small classrooms.

Front of the Education Centre


"Lion Room" - One large classroom, includes 4 tables, 20 chairs, TV, VCR, and DVD player.


"Cougar & Jaguar Rooms" - Each small classroom include two tables, 16 chairs, and use of a sink.


Kitchen includes a fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishes. Men's & Women's washrooms.

Daily Cost:

  • Entire building:
    • $200
    • $140 (non-profit)
  • One large classroom
    • maximum 60 people standing room only
    • maximum 50 people with tables & chairs
    • $120
    • $80 (non-profit)
  • One small classroom
    • maximum 60 people standing room only
    • maximum 30 people with tables & chairs
    • $80
    • $50 (non-profit)

Other options:

  • A staff person may give a short presentation and provide your group the opportunity to touch a few small animals. These presentations are available most weekdays. $30 for a 20-30 minute presentation.
  • During the zoo’s open season, your group must pay admission if you wish to enter the zoo.
  • During the zoo’s closed season, your group may enter the zoo if the following 2 conditions are met.
    • The zoo’s path conditions are safe. To be determined on the day of rental.
    • A zoo staff person is available to guide your group around the zoo. A $30 tour guide fee will apply and a tour guide is available on most weekdays.
  • Availability: The education centre is available to rent most weekdays in January, February, March, April, and November.

To book the Education Centre: