5-7 Year Old Summer Day Camp

We are offering French and English programs for all 9 weeks of the summer. The French programs will be offered in the new classrooms for weeks 1 to 5 and the English programs would be offered in the existing classrooms. Then the locations of the French and English programs will switch for weeks 6 to 9. These programs will run simultaneously and independently of each other. The only time we anticipate the campers from each program to mix is when using shared space in the hallways and washrooms.

Animal Habitats: How do the animals survive in the hot deserts, the cold Arctic, and the wet oceans? Come explore a different animal habitat each day!

English Weeks:

  • June 24* (2 groups)
  • July 2** (2 groups)
  • July 8 ( 2 groups)
  • July 15
  • July 22

French Weeks:

  • June 24*
  • July 2**
  • July 8
  • July 15
  • July 22
Animal Helpers: Did you know that some animals are helpers to other animals? Have you ever wondered how you could help the animals? Come learn how to be an animal helper with us this summer!
English Weeks:
  • July 29
  • August 6**
  • August 12
  • August 19

French Weeks:

  • July 29
  • August 6**
  • August 12 (2 groups)
  • August 19 (2 groups)


  • $200 per week
  • *The week of June 254 has an "early bird special", therefore the cost is $165.
  • **The weeks of July 2 and August 7 are four day camps because the camp is closed on the Canada day and NB day holidays, therefore the cost is $165 per week.

Drop off time: 8:00-9:00 am

Pick up time: 4:30-5:30 pm

Group size: maximum 14 campers

Weeks include:

  • camp hat
  • games
  • crafts
  • pony ride
  • variety show
  • afternoon snacks
  • pizza on Friday
  • and more!

If you wish to register your 5-7 year old camper for more than one week this summer, the camper may attend a maximum of one week during the Animal Habitats theme and may attend a maximum of one week during the Animal Helpers theme.

The 5-7 year old age group is intended for children ages 5, 6 or 7 years old. Campers must be at least 5 years old by the first day of the camp week in which they have registered. (For example, if a camper turns 5 years old on July 11, 2019, then the camper may attend camp on the week of July 15 or later in the summer.) 8 year olds are also permitted in the 5-7 year old age group.